Top 10 Most Expensive Vodkas Brand in the World

Top 10 Most Expensive Vodkas Brand in the World

Everyone appreciates a very good bottle of Vodka. But spending more than $50 is not wise to some. For them it is better to go with good wine or whiskey. But here is something that will definitely blow your mind. People of Russia tern Vodka as their national drink and that cost them a lot. While most of the Americans, do not want to be vodka fancier.


But did you ever imagine a bottle of vodka to be about $1000. Nope, may be you didn’t. But yes there are vodkas of $1million too and even more than that. The bottles will leave you spell bounded. Decorated with Swarovski crystals and gold gilded, designed by eminent luxury designers. And the bottles took hours of hard work to be completed. The filtration process of the vodkas will leave you astonished. Did you know there are vodkas that are passed through sanded precious gems and diamonds as a part of filtration? Yes. They are filtered in this way. Just have a look below and ask yourself do you still think that spending $50 for a bottle of vodka is too much.

Top 10 Most Expensive Vodkas in the World

  1. Absolut Crystal

This Swedish vodka brand Absolut has launched only 800 bottles. This absolute crystal limited edition across the duty free stores. The bottles looked extravagant the Swedish design duo – Skogsberg & Smart created it. They are hand-cut and hand-engraved. Each bottle was numbered 1 to 800.

  1. Alize Rose Valentine’s Day Edition

This is a limited edition vodka, launched by Liqueurs and Cognac producer Alice. This vodka is called“Rose Expression” vodka and is a blend of French vodka, passion fruit, VS cognac, strawberry fruit juices, lychee and rose. Swarovski crystals encrusted on the bottle give it a Valentine ’s Day avatar.

  1. Elit by Stolichnaya

It is limited edition vodka that has New Zealand spring water in vodka. Then bottle was decorated in a rare crystal. Around 3000 bottles were available globally initially.

  1. Iordanov Vodka Decadence Version

German brand Iordanov Vodka launched its Decadence Version. The bottle looked mind blowing, decorated with 8000 Swarovski crystals. The colours were dependant on the flavor of the vodka inside. The flavours were – grapefruit, orange, citron, currant, cranberry and wild cherry.

  1. Oval Vodka with Swarovski Crystals

The bottle is the main attraction of the bottle covered with 7000 precious Swarovski gems and crystals. It was launched in the year 2008. This limited edition bottles were sold in London nightclubs. They were featured in very expensive LCD display units that rotated.

  1. Belvedere Vodka’s Belver Bears

Super premium Belvedere Vodka launched its limited edition of Belver Bears only in exclusive locations throughout France. The bottle was designed by singer and songwriter DJ Jean-Roch in such an unique way that it can be hung in the wall and has backlights that illuminate it.

  1. Imperial Collection Vodka Faberge Eggs

This is one of the most noteworthy vodkas. The Russian Vodka brand Imperial Collection unveiled this limited edition in the shape of Faberge eggs in UK. The bottles are very extravagant and are made by Russian artisans using enamel, crystals and 24 carat gold gilding. Each egg has a golden eagle on the top designed by a Florentine master jeweler. The vodka inside is made of wheat and rye.

  1. Diva Vodka

This is world’s most glamorous vodka. The packing is mind blowing. It is done in a filtration process. Ice filtered through Nordic birch charcoal and after that filtered through sand peppered with semi precious stones. There is a sparkling wand decorated with Swarovski crystals through the centre of the bottle as a garnish.

  1. Russo-Baltique Vodka

This vodka is produce by military car manufacturer Russo-Baltique.  This vodka at first was funded by Kazakhstan royal family to mark the centenary of the opening of Russo-Baltique car factory. They claim that this vodka is not for drinking and it is a brand of vodka that has to be received by succession and should be a part of family’s artworks. The bottle has diamond encrusted Russian imperial eagle at its head.

  1. Billionaire Vodka

You can tell by the name it is a billionaire’s vodka – the world’s most expensive vodka. One of the reasons it is so expensive is because of the ways it is filtered. First it is ice filtered and then it is passed through Nordic birch charcoal for purification. It is also passed through the sands of precious gems like diamonds! After that it is poured into a diamond encrusted bottle. The bottle has been specially designed by luxury designer Leon Verres. The neckband of the bottle in which it is found, is decorated with a channel set of diamonds.

List Of  Top 10 Most Expensive Vodkas in the World

The name of the vodka Year it was launched Cost of each bottle
Absolut crystal 2010 U.S $1000
Alize Rose valentine’s Day edition 2007 U.S $2000
Elit by Stolichnaya 2013 U.S $3000
Iordanov Vodka Decadence Version 2011 U.S $4117
Oval Vodka with Swarovski crystals 2008 U.S $9922
Belvedere Vodka’s Belver Bears 2011 U.S $ 7240
Imperial Collection Vodka Faberge eggs 2012 U.S 9502
Diva Vodka 2011 U.S $1 million
Russo-Baltique Vodka 2008 U.S $1.35 million
Billionaire Vodka 2012 U.S $3.75 million


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