Top 10 Most Followed Religions In the World

Top 10 Most Followed Religions In the World

Religion is a very intriguing concept. It is something that inspires a number of believes and values in many people. It also gives people a sense of purpose. Those who are religious feel a higher calling in the world.

Even so, there are also some controversies surrounding religions. These include issues over how many religions have held differing beliefs and values. Many have even become violent over the years due to some of their differences.

Religions are especially varied these days. They vary based on the following:

  • Some religions focus on very specific types of religious texts. These include texts that entail very important words given by many important figures within their religions.
  • The idols of worship are also different in each religion. Some faiths have multiple people who are to be worshipped. Others focus on a singular idol instead.
  • The segments of different faiths can especially be intriguing. This is especially the case in the Christian and Islam faiths as those are faiths that have their own individual ideologies.

One point is for certain in that there are billions of religious people all around the world. They all have their own ideas as to what religions they are to follow. This listing of the ten most followed religions in the world is proof of how religion has changed dramatically over the years.

Top 10 Most Followed Religions In the World


Christianity – 2 billion

The Christian faith is the largest in the world in terms of its followers. Many honor the important holidays of Christmas and Easter as times when Jesus was born and when he was sacrificed. The pope, who is the leader of the Christian faith, is also seen as the most heralded figure on the planet. Millions from around the world travel to Vatican City every year to hear the pope’s speeches.

Islam – 1.2 billion

Islam is practiced predominantly in the Middle East, central Asia and northern Africa but its followers can be found around the world. All people in the faith are encouraged at some point in life to travel to the city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is believed to be the cradle of the Islamic faith. The Kaaba stone is an especially important part of Mecca.

Hinduism – 850 million

The Hindu faith entails many gods and goddesses of all sorts. They are representative of many different aspects of the spiritual and material worlds alike. People throughout the faith often travel to the Maha Kumbh Mela pilgrimage every twelve years on the Ganga and Yamuna rivers. Many bath in the Ganges, a holy river, as well.

Buddhism – 370 million

Common in southern Asia, the Buddhist faith entails people living through a cycle of suffering and rebirth. The aim of Buddhism is to end the suffering and pain of the world and to attain nirvana, the ultimate feeling of inner peace. The idol known as Buddha is an important figure as many massive statues of him can be found around the world.

Sikhism – 24 million

The Sikh faith is relatively new as it was formed in the fifteenth century in India. Based heavily on the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev and ten other Gurus, the faith entails learning about being respective and honoring the world.

Mormonism – 15 million

An offshoot of the Christian faith, Mormonism focuses on the belief of modern prophets in society and how the Gospel of Christ is crucial to life. Temples in the faith are considered to be key points that link people to God. Mormons can be found all around the world as missionaries spread the word about the faith.

Judaism – 15 million

The Hebrew Bible and other texts such as the Talmud are the key texts of the Jewish faith. Judaism focuses on the belief that they are the chosen people of God. This especially comes as God had revealed the secrets and laws of the world to Moses. The Jewish faith is common in Israel although there is a sizeable following in the United States.

Baha’ism – 8 million

The Baha’i faith originated in the Middle East as a belief that all major religions have the same source. It focuses on how all people are created equal and that diversity is seen as a symbol of acceptance. It especially focuses on the unity of the Christian and Islamic faiths.

Confucianism – 6.5 million

Confucianism is practiced mainly in parts of China. The focus of Confucianism is a belief in the importance of family and harmony. It does not place as much of an emphasis on otherworldly figures like what many other religions do.

Jainism – 4.5 million

Jainism is found mainly in India and Africa although there is a bit of support for the faith in the United Kingdom. The faith focuses less on material possessions and focuses on attaining inner harmony and peace. This includes being able to see truth from many points of view.

Top 10 Most Followed Religions In the World



Religion Name Number of Followers Worldwide Countries It Is Followed In
Christianity 2 billion North and South America, Europe
Islam 1.2 billion Middle East, North Africa, Southwest Asia
Hinduism 850 million India
Buddhism 370 million China, Mongolia, Japan, Thailand
Sikhism 24 million India, United Kingdom, Canada
Mormonism 15 million United States, especially around the Rockies
Judaism 15 million Israel, United States, particularly around New York, Florida and California
Baha’ism 8 million India, United States, Australia
Confucianism 6.5 million China
Jainism 4.5 million India


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