Best Top 10 Popular Handsome Men in the World

Best Top 10 Popular Handsome Men in the World

More than 50% of the world’s population consists of men. One would think that it is pretty easy to list the top 10 good looking men from around the world, but trust me, in today’s day and age, it is more difficult than ever to find the top most good looking men around the world.

These men have been solely ranked here on the basis of their good looks and appeal. You can have a look at them and find out whether your favorites are on the list. This year the East has given tough competition to the West in terms of good looking men. Check it out –

Best Top 10 Popular Handsome Men in the World

  1. Justin TrudeauJustin Trudeau has been ruling hearts ever since he has been in power and even before that perhaps. His charming personality goes very well in his favor to make him one of the most liked men in this country. Women (even men) cannot stop gushing over the humanitarian outlook he exudes via his looks. This is why he is on the top of this list.
  2. Robert PattinsonRobert Pattinson has been stealing the hearts of women ever since he essayed the role of Edward in the movie Twilight. He has the perfectly symmetrical face and a British accent to go along with it. Need we say more? He is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. He has also starred in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire when he was young, but his role as the Vampire rather than the Wizard was what made him a star.
  3. Hrithik RoshanHrithik Roshan has fan following all over the world because of his good looks. He has the perfect eyes and sharp hazel eyes which have a piercing look. Many have often compared him to the Greek Gods – his features are so perfect and sharp. Therefore it is no wonder that he is on top 3 on this list. He is regarded as the third most handsome man in the world.
  4. Tom CruiseThere was a time when Tom Cruise would rule the hearts of young woman. This man looks his best even after four decades of his life passed. He definitely deserves to be along the top 5 in this list. He has the perfectly charming smile and an appeal that one can swear by.
  5. Chris EvansChris Evans has been growing in popularity since 2010. He has been a successful man in his career but complimenting him only on his looks, he is quite the charmer. His appeal has only grown with time. It seems like the more this man ages, the more charming he grows to be – his female fans are not complaining though.
  6. Bradley CooperBradley Cooper looks strangely similar to Hrithik Roshan in his appeal. He has the same sharp features and piercing eyes. He has been in the glamour industry for quite some time. He is also known for his well toned body – a tan to go along with it and he is just the guy every woman would desire for sure.
  7. Omar Borkan Al GalaOmar Borkan Al Gala is an internet sensation. He actually became such popular that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia asked him to leave the country. This was because good looks are considered “haram” in Islam. But of course his fans worldwide would disagree because for them it is a pleasure indeed to watch his beautiful face come to life. His photos are all over the internet. He is known for his perfect appeal.
  8. Johnny DeppKnown for his famous Pirates of the Caribbean, Johnny Depp has just the perfect jaw line that every actor dreams about. He is also one of the highest paid professionals in his career. He has been in the news for his philanthropic work. However, recently he has been accused of being involved in domestic violence. This didn’t go down well with his fans and therefore he has come down a few points in this list.
  9. Prince WilliamThe year Prince William was about to join college, the college received a record number of applications from women. Now, that should tell you how much he is desired. The Duke of Cambridge has quite a large fan following even now – after his marriage. He is quite a handsome guy with that cute smile and suave appeal.
  10. Fawad KhanFawad Khan has climbed up the ladder this year because he has been involved in a lot of controversies. The man has made rises in his career solely because of his female fan following who love him because of his appeal.

List Of Top 10 Handsome Men in the World

Name of the person Age Country Profession
Justin Trudeau 45 Canada Politician
Robert Pattinson 30 United Kingdom Actor
Hrithik Roshan 42 India Actor
Tom Cruise 54 United States Actor & Producer
Chris Evans 35 United States Actor & Filmmaker
Bradley Cooper 41 United States Actor cum Model
Omar Borkan Al Gala 27 Iraq Actor
Johnny Depp 53 United States Actor, Musician, Filmmaker
Prince William 34 United Kingdom Businessperson, Lieutenant
Fawad Khan 35 Pakistan Actor


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