Best Top 10 Paolo Nutini Songs Birth Date Name Age Height Net Worth

Best Top 10 Paolo Nutini Songs Birth Date Name Age Height Net Worth

 Paolo Nutini is one of the musical legends of Scotland. Apart from being a fabulous singer, he was also a songwriter and a musician. He began his career by performing in radio and live concerts. He made his breakthrough with a live performance in a show and soon he started singing in London. He released his first album on 2006 and the album was a huge hit.

Paolo Nutini top ten best 10 songs

Paolo Nutini Career Information (Presenting Year, First & Latest Album, Net Worth )

1 Singer Name Paolo Nutini
2 Presenting Years 2005–till now
3 Genres Pop rock, blue-eyed soul, folk, blues, soul rock
4 Instrument Vocals, guitar
5 Occupation Singer-songwriter, musician
6 First Album Name These Streets
7 First Album Release Date July 17, 2006
8 Latest Album Name Caustic Love
9 Latest Album Name Release Date April 11, 2014
10 Net Worth $9 Million
11 Official Website

Since the release of his first album, he went on to produce many more masterpieces. Paolo Nutini had different types of struggles in his life in terms of relationships and his songs portrayed the struggles he faced. Most of his famous songs are about himself and his girlfriend with whom he had a long relationship which was broken eventually. Paolo Nutini’s breakup songs amazed a lot of audiences and thus he went on to become more popular easily.

Paolo Nutini Personal Information (Real Name, DOB, Zodiac Sign, Hair / Eye Color, Height, Weight & Body Size)

1 Real Name/ Birth Name Paolo Giovanni Nutini
2 Famous Name/ Nick Name Paolo Nutini
3 DOB 9 January 1987
4 Birth Place             Paisley, Scotland
5 Age 29
6 zodiac sign Capricorn
7 Hair Color Dark Brown
8 Eye Color Dark Brown
9 Height 1.7
10 Weight 65
11 Body Size Slim

Paolo Nutini has provided amazing hits throughout his career and it is hard to pick the top 10 songs of him. But we have made a list of his top 10 songs based on critic review, public appreciation and number of hits.

Best Top 10 Paolo Nutini Songs And Description

  1. Iron Sky

Iron Sky is described as the best song of Paolo Nutini’s career. This song is a psych rock and the song is often described as a slow burner song. Paolo Nutini refreshes the mind of anybody who hears this song with his beautiful presentation and he presented the rock nature to the audiences very beautifully.

  1. Last Request

Last Request is one of the very first songs of Paolo Nutini’s career and one of the very incredible songs of him. Paolo Nutini sang a lot of songs in his life about his girlfriend and this song is one of them. This song portrays the last night of Paolo Nutini with his girlfriend. Actually this song is about people who knows their relationship is over but they want to redeem it for one last time.

  1. Scream (Funk My Life Up)

Scream is one of the best rock songs of Paolo Nutini’s career. It would be included in any list of Paolo Nutini’s top 10 songs. The song was not very long but it was able to amaze the viewers with its touchy lyrics and awesome musical presentation by Paolo.

  1. Rewind

This is one of the most classical song of Paolo Nutini’s career. Paolo Nutini wrote this song about his girlfriend with whom he had spent four wonderful years and he stated that he always wanted to write this song. The emotions of Paolo Nutini is what makes this song more wonderful.

  1. One Day

This song is one of the songs which proves the worth of Paolo Nutini. This song proves that Paolo Nutini should be more popular than he is. This song actually is a classic hit of Paolo Nutini. And his awesomeness is that he sang the song with real emotions which made the song wonderful.

  1. New Shoes

This is one of the most famous rock songs of Paolo Nutini’s career. The Pop Rock and Indie Rock nature of the song was portrayed beautifully by Paolo. The song was praised by common people and it was one of the most significant hits of Paolo Nutini’s career.

  1. Let Me Down Easy

This song is the most praised song of Paolo Nutini’s career. Several celebrities of Paolo Nutini’s time praised this song as the best of Paolo’s career. This song is mainly based on heartbreak issues and the rock nature of the song was brilliantly portrayed by Paolo.

  1. Coming Up Easy

This song is about Paolo Nutini’s struggles with Marijuana and the emotional part of the song is exquisite. Also this song describes a person’s conflictions and compromises about their relationships and about their bad habits. This song was about too many bad things but Paolo managed to keep the positive vibe in this song beautifully.

  1. Looking for Something

Looking for something is written by Paolo Nutini and he wrote this song for his mother. This song portrays the wisdom of Paolo Nutini’s mother. Paolo Nutini expresses his emotions towards his mother through this beautiful heart touching song.

  1. Pencil Full of Lead

This is one of the most prominent songs of Paolo’s career. This song is about a person who is feeling good because he is not impotent and his sex life is good. This song proves the confidence of a person is very important to be happy.

List Of Top 10 Paolo Nutini Songs and Albums Name With Release Date

Name Album Release Date
Iron Sky Caustic Love 14 August, 2014
Last Request These Streets 3 July, 2006
Scream (Funk My Life Up) Caustic Love 28 January, 2014
Rewind These Streets 4 December, 2006
One Day Caustic Love 2014
New Shoes These Streets 12 March, 2007
Let Me Down Easy Caustic Love 2014
Coming Up Easy Sunny Side Up 10 August, 2009
Looking for Something Caustic Love 2014
Pencil Full of Lead Sunny Side Up 2 November, 2009

Other Important Top 10 Songs

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