Best Top 10 e- Wallet Mobile in the World

Best Top 10 e- Wallet Mobile in the World

The e-wallet has become a very unique type of material to use for your online payments. This will help you with taking care of many payments of all sorts. A great e-wallet will help you in a variety of ways:

  • It helps you with collecting and paying money in many forms. You can use this to buy items or to take care of business-related functions.
  • E-wallets make payments easy to handle. The money that goes through such a wallet can be transferred to another person almost immediately.
  • Such a service will also provide you with the ability to pay money to anyone in the world. This can help with taking care of currency exchange functions immediately in most cases.

The support that comes with getting an e-wallet ready for your needs can make a real difference when you are aiming to get more out of your money. Today there is plenty of competing e-wallet options available for your use. Let’s take a look at a few of the different options that you have to choose from.


Best Top 10 e- Wallet Mobile in the World

Android Pay

Android Pay is a program that can be used on your Android-powered mobile device. This works with an NFC communication setup that wires information from a credit card or bank account to your Android Pay account. It makes it easier for you to get payments taken care of in any situation.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is similar to Android Pay except that this choice is used on Apple iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone. It also works on the iWatch. It uses a secure setup where card details are not shared when used. In fact, those card details are stored on a separate account you maintain that isn’t even listed on the device you use Apple Pay with.


PayPal has become one of the most ubiquitous online wallet options in the world. Accessible in more than 200 countries, it helps you move money from a bank account to your online wallet. This money can then be transferred immediately to all sorts of people and to take care of payments in as little time as possible. It even has its own free application for mobile devices.


eWallet uses 256-bit encryption to keep it secure and protected. It provides you with support for a variety of credit cards and bank accounts and lets you monitor and adjust how you pay with them in real time. This is a very convenient option for use but it does cost a subscription fee for you to handle.

Samsung Pay

Samsung has its own app that is used on its Galaxy mobile devices. The program uses dual technology to use NFC and Bluetooth support alike. This means that data from your cards or bank can be wired to different retailers in little time. It also uses a simple interface that isn’t too complicated. Still, this works best when it is on a newer Samsung Galaxy product as it has been optimized for many of these newer options.

Key Ring

Those who are looking to manage their loyalty cards rather than their credit or debit cards can use Key Ring, a program that is free for use on mobile devices. You can enter in loyalty cards onto this app and even get different shopping lists entered into the app.


A popular choice used on many international websites, Neteller works with a variety of currencies. It can quickly transfer money and get exchanges handled between countries. This all works with accurate currency rates to ensure that you will get the right amount of money sent to someone for any need.


Skrill is used by many retailers for online transactions although it is especially popular in online trading circles. It uses one account in your name to link to your credit cards, bank accounts and other items. The interface used by Skrill to take care of payments is especially easy to follow and use.


WebMoney does more than just offer payment services. It also allows you to top up accounts for different services you have or to get a loan and pay it back. It also has its own budget and work management system that helps you monitor how your money is being spent and used as you are getting it wired to any person who needs it.


The last choice to see here is ecoPayz, an option heralded for its strong anti-fraud system. This uses clear monitoring and confirmation functions to check on your behavior when using it. This ensures that only you are the one who is using the system for any intention you have for handling money online.

List Of Best Top 10 e- Wallet Mobile in the World

Wallet Option Location Number of Users Year Formed
Android Pay United States 70 million 2015
Apple Pay United States 70 million 2014
PayPal United States 188 million 1998
eWallet United States n/a 2015
Samsung Pay South Korea 100 million 2015
Key Ring United States 12 million 2014
Neteller Isle of Man n/a 1999
Skrill United Kingdom n/a 2001
WebMoney Russia 31 million 1998
ecoPayz United Kingdom n/a 2000


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