Top 10 Best Popular Mother & Father Songs In world | Top 10 Songs For Mother’s & Father’s Day | Top 10 Songs For Parents

Top 10 Best Popular Mother & Father Songs In world | Top 10 Songs For Mpther’s & Father’s Day | Top 10 Songs For Parents

Often we don’t have the words to express our deepest gratitude and affection for the people who helped us grow up. Sometimes even after telling them words fall short. So for all those times, you need to put up a special gesture and let them know exactly how much they mean to you and how you love them. Trust me they too need reassurances some times.

If you are planning a special surprise for your parents or you simply want to say that you miss them, these songs will speak the words you cannot and convey your message. So add these to your playlist and make a mix tape for them. They’ll surely cherish it!

Top 10 Songs for Mother and Father In world

  1. Butterfly fly awayButterfly fly away is a metaphor for the child that still remembers her parent after she has grown up. The song has been sung by real life father and daughter duo. They have done a spectacular job at bringing out the emotions behind this song. It is rare to find such a heartwarming duet between a father and a daughter. It is a gentle tune about a true story. It also reflects how much kids appreciate good parents.
  2. I turn to youThis song is about a kid that turns to their parent when she is in the bad moments of her life. The song basically says that if you are good to your kid, you become their role model. Yes, the song is about being the kid of a parent who is absolutely perfect. This ballad speaks from the heart and it will surely touch the heart of the parent.
  3. You’ll Be in My HeartThis song is about how your parents loved you in your most difficult times and therefore it says that they have a space in your heart forever. If that doesn’t make your parents’ heart warm, I don’t know what will. The song truly depicts the love a kid has for their parent.
  4. All My LovingDo your parents hate music? Perhaps they will be less so awkward with The Beatles, because everyone loves The Beatles. So if you want to make them hear one song, it should be this one. It would bring them back to reminisces their time and it will tell them how much you care.
  5. Wind Beneath My WingsWho are the wind beneath our wings when we’re flying? It is our parents and this song throws back the meaningful lyrics in their name. Our parents have influenced our lives probably more than we care to realize. These lyrics portray it in the right way that they have truly helped us to reach the heights in life.
  6. You Raise Me UpThis is not a song about parents – it can be about anyone who has stood there like a rock when you needed them to. But this is something that parents often do for their kids, so if you want to dedicate this to them, it would totally be meaningful. It is a reminder to be thankful for those who’ve touched your life.
  7. Do I Make You ProudOnce in a while everyone must have felt the need to make their parents proud or they must have wondered whether they make their parents proud or not. Today you can assess this desire in the form of this song. it is definitely one of the best songs you could listen and dedicate to your loving parents.
  8. The Greatest Man I Never KnewThis is a rather emotionally dark ballad. In this song the singer talks about an emotionally distant father. Sometimes parents are not so expressive in their love for their children. This song is about one of those times when you have to tell your parent how much they meant to you even though they never told you the same.
  9. I learned from youIn this song, young Miley Cyrus expresses her deepest affection for her father – she expresses how she loves him and has learned everything she has from him. The lyrics in this song are everything you will need to say.
  10. Loves Me Like a RockWho loves you like a rock throughout your life? For the most of us who are fortunate enough, it is our mother. This song is for the moms. Dedicate this song to her and see it work magic.

List Of Top 10 Songs for Mother and Father In world

Song name Movie or Album Singer Release Date
Butterfly fly away Hannah Montana: The Movie Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus 2009
I turn to you Christina Aguilera Christina Aguilera 1999
You’ll Be in My Heart Tarzan Phil Collins 1999
All My Loving With the Beatles The Beatles 1963
Wind Beneath My Wings Beaches Better Midler 1988
You Raise Me Up Closer Josh Groban 2003
Do I Make You Proud Hedegaard Taylor Hicks Do 2014
The Greatest Man I Never Knew For My Broken Heart Reba McEntire and Kelly Clarkson 1991
I learned from you Hannah Montana: the show Miley Cyrus 2006
Loves Me Like a Rock There Goes Rhymin’ Simon Paul Simon 1973


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