Best Popular Top 10 Healthiest Countries of the World

Best Popular Top 10 Healthiest Countries of the World

People now-a-days are very conscious about their health and lifestyle. They try to maintain a proper lifestyle as the death rates due to chronic diseases like cancer had increased a lot. So fearing this they are pretty conscious about their health and fitness these days. There are countries that offer great support in maintaining hygiene and clean environment and provide adequate medical support.

Best Top 10 Healthiest Countries of the World

  1. Singapore

This country has the best life expectancy. The country is very clean and maintains hygiene. The environment here is very clean and fresh. The healthcare system is well established here along with management of chronic diseases. The close monitoring of any disease by doctor prevents the growth of any kind of disease. The food and lifestyle is very well maintained there. They include fresh vegetables, fish and meat that are very rich in nutrients.

  1. Italy

Italy has a great healthcare system. The food cooked by them has ample amount of olive oil that is good for health. They drink red wine that has been found to be very good for heart. The use of garlic in their food is also beneficial. The vegetables and fish they include I their diet are very rich in nutrients. They prefer to walk a lot that helps a lot in maintaining a good healthy body.

  1. Australia

Australia has decreased death rates and has fewer amounts of people who are indulged in smoking. They have a very healthy diet that has lots of nutrients and minerals. They have less consumption of alcohol or any other addictive drugs that makes this country’s health better. They tend to play different kinds of sports as it is a part of their culture.

  1. Switzerland

The landscape of Switzerland allows the people there to perform different kinds of sports like mountain climbing, cycling, and hiking. All these kinds of activities keep them fit and helps them to maintain a healthy body. Apart from this their diet and lifestyle are very good and healthy that helps them to gain long life expectancy.

  1. Israel

Israel’s people maintain a good diet, a good lifestyle and good health system. They consume less alcohol. They tend to include different kinds of minerals, vitamins in their diet daily, consume a lot of fresh and dry fruits. They do not smoke and have a stressful life. All these factors together make Israel one of healthiest countries of the world.

  1. Spain

Spanish people believe that portion control is a way of life. That is why they have small amount of a variety of food. They also take a two hour nap in mid day that allows the body to rest and thus reduce the daily stress. The food and lifestyle is well maintained there. The food always includes vegetables, lean meat and fish with less spice and oil. They consume lots of salads of different kinds that are good for health.

  1. Netherlands

In Netherlands the death rate due to chronic disease is very less. They maintain good health system. The supervision by the doctors is very good that helps to cure diseases fast. The diet and their lifestyle are also well maintained regularly. They indulge in different kind of body fitness regime.

  1. Sweden

They maintain a good economy that is the reason the poor and the middle class people do not suffer due to depression. As science says depression calls many diseases and turns of immune system of the body. But there are times rich and the high class is the ones who tend to be affected due to bad lifestyle and obesity. But now people are more self conscious and take care of their diet and body fitness. Thus as a result of this the Swedish people have longer life expectancy than many other countries on an average.

  1. Japan

There are multiple reasons that allow people of Japan to lead a healthy and longer life. They drink green tea daily that is a great anti-oxidant. They include a lot of vegetables in their diet, fish and also lean meat. They eat in small portions that help them to digest the food properly. They tend to use cycle as a means of transportation. That helps their body to stay healthy. They maintain a great lifestyle and goes for regular checkups to the doctors.

  1. Germany

The Germans have high life expectancy. They eat healthy food and tend to take part in many kinds of fitness activities. The daily consumption of fruits and less spicy foods are the main thing that helps them to boost up their immune system as a result they live longer than people of many other countries.

List Of Best Popular Top 10 Healthiest Countries of the World

Name of the country Population Life expectancy Death rate per 1000
Singapore 5.399 million 84.07 3.5
Italy 59.83 million 81.95 10.3
Australia 23.13 81.98 7.2
Switzerland 8.081 million 82.28 8
Japan 127.3 million 84.19 9.6
Israel 8.059 million 81.70 5.2
Spain 46.77 million 83.12 8.6
Netherland 16.75 million 81.10 8.78
Sweden 9.519 million 81.70 9.4
Germany 80.43 million 80.89 10.8


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