Best Top 10 Popular Brother and Sister Songs | Brother’s and Sister’s Day Songs

Best Top 10 Popular Brother and Sister Songs Day

Agreed he gets on your nerves when he picks up your food without asking or tells your parents stuff you would rather not. But you know that he would slay the person that bad mouths you and stand by you no matter what – whether you are right or wrong. This is the stuff brothers are made of. Wouldn’t you want to dedicate a song for him?

All the brothers of the world – you may think she looks totally gross with makeup and you may hate those shiny nails while you wonder how she even applies Kohl without poking her eyes, you know she is your safe haven. She will protect you and comfort you whenever you need her. This is universally true and you should just tell her these things sometimes to make her feel precious.

So waste no more time – listen to these 10 tracks and dedicate them to one another!

Best Top 10 Popular Brother and Sister Songs

  1. Brothers & SistersThis is the perfect song for the two of you. It tells exactly what happens when the brother and sister duo come together. You may have the goofiest of relationships but you cannot hide the admiration you have for one another. You also have the power to keep each other strong at the toughest of times and this is what this song is about.
  2. You’ve Got a FriendYou have certainly got a friend in your brother or sister, haven’t you? Right from the moment he or she was born you were elated that now you will have a play mate and since then your friendship has only gotten stronger and deeper. So, why not play this song?
  3. I Hope You DanceThis is the perfect song if your brother or sister is going to settle down or is marrying someone. This song tells how you want them to stay the happiest. Your love for them will set the bars for their future relationships; remind them how much they are worth with this one special song.
  4. My WishTis song is a mixture of good wishes and unconditional love and it can very well be dedicated to a sister as it can be dedicated to your brother. But since the vocals are in male voice, it is best to be dedicated to the sister. It is one of the best songs you can sing for her in any occasion.
  5. SisterThere is no two views about this song. It is about the relationship between a brother and his sister. In fact, it can be called a tribute of a brother to his sister. The song is all about the feelings of a brother for his dearest sister.
  6. Brother MineWhile the previous two songs were about the brother singing for his sister, this one is for those lucky sisters who have a brother to sing this to. In this song, the sis tells her bro how to be a good guy in life. She tells him that she knows he is a troublemaker, but she won’t yell at him because she knows he is just a kid (at heart).
  7. He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My BrotherNo, your sister isn’t calling you fat! Although she might. But this song is speaking more about the journey of life and how she doesn’t think you are heavy to be carried along in this ride. It is a song with very deep meanings. It will surely touch the heart of every brother.
  8. Oh, SisterThis song tells how a brother also years for the sister’s unconditional love and support. It says that they two stayed together “from cradle to grave” and this is why he needs his sister beside her no matter what. It is yet again a very mature and endearing track.
  9. Lean on MeWhom do you rely on when people ditch you? It is your family, your loved ones. This song is reassuring the listener that he or she can lean on him or her whenever the need arises. There is probably no bigger reassurance a brother can give to his sister. It is a great ballad that will always be cherished by brothers and sisters worldwide.
  10. Kind and Generous“Kind and Generous” is a song that goes down once again to carve the relation. The two can really take a note from this classic song. The song was a major hit when it released.

List Of Best Top 10 Popular Brother and Sister Songs

Song name Film or Album Singer or Band Release Date
Brothers & Sisters Brothers & Sisters Coldplay 1999
You’ve Got a Friend Mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon James Taylor 1971
I Hope You Dance I Hope You Dance Lee Ann Womack 2000
My Wish Me and My Gang Rascal Flatts 2006
Sister The Dave Mathews Band The Dave Mathews Band 2007
Brother Mine Close Up Vol. 4 Suzanne Vega 2012
He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother Hollies Sing Hollies The Hollies 1969
Oh, Sister Desire Bob Dylan 1976
Lean on Me Still Bill Bill Withers 1972
Kind and Generous Ophelia Natalie Merchant 1998


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