Top 10 Best Haryanvi Songs Albums

            Top 10 Best Haryanvi Songs Albums

Songs are melodious when it suits your feeling and become anxious to hear it. In the modern era people around the world are using several instruments to compose the music. The composer from every state wish to create something that indicates the dignity and culture of that particular state. The description creates the imagination within the mind of an individual thus the one listening to the songs will feel the inner meaning of the songs and that will refresh them with lots of entertainment.

The Haryanvi songs are the songs that are composed and decorated by the people who belong the Haryanvi. The state is located at the northern parts of the nation. The state bears some special culture that is unique and different from others. The songs have some special effects and because of such effects the songs are so popular not only among the Harayanvi but also among the people across the nation. There are numbers of songs that will not only popular but also creating some special effect even today. These songs are composed by several composer and the details about the songs are listed in the points given below:

             Top 10 Best Haryanvi Songs Albums

Patla Dupatta Sarkaya Na Karo – the song was composed with an intention to impress someone. It is a romantic song and the song requests her to remove her scarf from her face and thereby he could see her face. It helps an individual to create the sense of love among the female and thus they could have some romantic lines used in the songs.

Badli Badli Laage – according to the song the composer is trying to say that whatever he or she has seen a long days before is not at all matching therefore he or she is expressing the intention that there are lot of changes. The changes are creating some difference in the behavior and that has made the individual unhappy.

Bhang Ka Barota – basically the bhang is something that makes an individual to get addicted to it. The writer of this particular song says that the bhang has been composed with something different. The creation is named as the Barota. Thus it is said that the Barota is obtained from the bhang.

College time – The writer reflects some of his imagination through the song. The song is very unique and it is all about the time that he has spent during his college days. The song comes up with some better explanation and one could have better feel from the song.

Thada Bhartar – the word Thada says that something that is less and a little amount is expressed. The Bhartar means to fill and with the song it is being requested that to fill some amount and the song is very emotional. The language of the songs is very impressive and emotional.

Batan Kurti Ke – by this song the writer wanted to reflect the dress code. The song is composed to signify the dress that an individual has as his or her attire. The song is basically an interesting one and it is very popular among the people of Haryana.

Surat Bholi – the Song is written on behalf of a person whose face seem to carry something special and for that it is said that the face is very innocent and that inspired an individual to compose a song. The song is popular across the state and the people find a sense of romance within the song.

Gach chori – the song is depicted from a girl. The writer of the song has personified a girl with the song that he has created. The composer used the description through the words. The song is one of melodious song and considered to be one of the better creations.

Chhodar Khandani – the song is about the heredity of a particular family. The family is very popular and that popularity has made the author to dedicate the song. The song is basically a honor that is being honored to the people who has created that particular identity among the people of that locality.

Murder case – the song is about the incident that took place and based on the incident the author or the song writ

List of Top 10 Best Haryanvi Songs Albums

Name of the song Album Singer name Composer name Release date
Patla Dupatta Sarkaya Na Karo Patla Dupatta Sarkaya Na Karo Sheenam Kaholic V R Bros 05.12.2016
Badli Badli Laage Badli Badli Laage Sapna, Vickky TR music 16.06.2016
Bhang Ka Barota Bhang Ka Barota Raju Punjabi, Ajoy Hooda V R Bros( Vinod Chimpha) 28.06.2016
College Time College Time Nippu Nepewala V R Bros 22.06.2016
Thada Bhartar Thada Bhartar Raju Punjabi V R Bros 27.08.2016
Batan Kurti Ke Batan Kurti Ke Mukesh Fouji, Mahni chauhan V R Bros 12.08.2016
Surat Bholi Bholi surat Yash Rana, Iqbal Kusham Soni C Ramchandra 10.12.2015
Gach Chori Gach Chori Raju Punjabi, Sapna Chaudhary V R Bros 03.02.2017
Chhodar Khandani Chhodar Khandani Raju Punjabi V R Bros 06.02.2017
Murder Case Murder Case ft Ds Narwaniya Vijoy Verma, Sushil Nagar V R Bros 21.10.2015


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