Best Top 10 Footwork Tracks Songs Albums In World Of All Time

Best Top 10 Footwork Tracks Songs Albums In World Of All Time

Started during 80s, the footwork music and dance style gets popularised during 2000s only. Originated from Chicago, the genre includes street dance style. In this music the tracks involve high beat tunes. As said it is a dance style, this style needs mainly different foot works by the dancers. This style is completely different from hip hop or tap dancing where footwork is much needed than any other body postures. Many a people conclude that footwork dance style is more like B-Boying.

Footwork tracks are said to be classic Chicago style as it was originated from Chicago. For nearly 20 years the style didn’t come out from the country. During early 2000s a popular music group added one of the tracks in their 2007 released album. Since then the tracks started become popular out of Chicago.

After 2000s the style of footwork started changing. Ghetto House and Juke were started to show up in the tracks. This change was mostly made by RP Boo.

Best Top 10 Footwork Tracks Songs Albums In World Of All Time

  1. Space Juke

Space Juke is one of those footwork tracks that have been remixed by DJs million times. Not only Rashad or Spinn but others have been seen doing it perfectly in different times. Following classic Detroit techno style the track is perfect for party, clubs and discos.

  1. Ghost

The song is one of the most popular songs from the album. Released few years back, the song was based on classic 80s Chicago’s footwork tracks. Rashad gave his voice in the song as ‘ghost’ along with Diana Ross’s famous song I’m still dreaming as echo version. Rashad blended these two tracks perfectly for the song.

  1. Compute Funk

The popular track by Traxman was way too popular in the whole album. It has the essence of Kraftwerk influence which makes the track catchier. It was one of the best footwork tracks by the composer.

  1. House-o-Matic

This is comparatively old track. Deeon followed the classic Chicago record ‘time for the percolator’. He released this version twice in two records. One is an imprint and other one is one of the popular records of that time. Since then he never failed to entertain party lovers with his footwork tracks.

  1. All I Do is (Smoke Trees)

This song is some of Manny’s songs that weren’t released officially. It is said that he has hundreds of songs and tracks that he never released. ‘All I do is’ one of them. Manny gave his own voice to this track. Manny is popularly known as the coldest track makers in footwork industry. However ‘all I do is’ one of the exceptional tracks.

  1. One blood

One of the most popular and abrasive tracks by Roc is said to be ‘one blood’. Though it followed the classic Chicago footwork style still it is one of those tracks that have rough music and scratchy tunes. ‘One blood’ is the most favourite in west side discos and clubs. Not only in west side, but across the globe, the song defines the essence of parties.

  1. The way I move

The way I move is a different kind of footwork music. Unlike One Blood, the song is little softer. Jody used his voice here. According to the lyrics of the song, he was wishing to be with his love. The background music and the softness of lyrics make the track more attractive and popular.

  1. Pacman Juke

One of the funniest and most innovative tracks in footwork music industry is served by Traxman. Pacman Juke has the popular theme of the animated computer game Pacman. The theme tune of the game was added and mixed by traxman in a completely different way to give it a foot tapping feel.

  1. High Life (sinjin Hawke Remix)

The original song High Life was not that much popular as this remix is. The remix is a perfect blend of Chicago and European music. Sinjin Hawke gave a perfect taste to the track by mixing these two genres and made one footwork track that will steal your heart.

  1. 11-47-99

RP Boo’s one of the most controversial songs is 11-47-99. The song was originally created by Boo but the credit went to Slugo, a popular DJ from Chicago. The record was out on Slugo’s name only. Boo was new when he made the track. It was based mainly on saxophone. This was one of Boo’s best creations and since then he started his own music.

List Best Top 10 Footwork Tracks Songs Albums and Release Date

Songs Album Singer Composer Release Date
Space Juke 4 the Ghetto DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad 2010
Ghost Just A Taste Vol. 1 DJ Rashad 2011
Compute Funk Bangs & Works Vol.1 Traxman 2011
House-O-Matic Dance Mania DJ Deeon 1994
All I do is(Smoke Trees) DJ Manny 2010
One blood Bangs & Works Vol.1 DJ Rock 2011
The way I move Jody Breeze Jody Breeze 2010
Pacman Juke Traxman 2003
High Life Sinjin Hawke Remix Boylan 2012
11-47-99 From My Hood to Your Hood RP Boo 2001



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